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Teeth Whitening Brisbane QLD

White teeth can give the appearance of good health and make a dull smile bold and inviting.

Thinking about brightening your smile? At Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental, in Brisbane we use the Pola Advance Whitening System to give our patients sparkling white teeth. Using exceptional products that whiten teeth several shades brighter, our practice offers both in-office and take home treatments.

What causes teeth discolouration

There a number of factors that can lead to your teeth going yellow. Firstly, poor oral hygiene can be a contributing factor to teeth discolouration. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth properly, your teeth may turn yellow. Beverages such as coffee and foods like chocolate can also lead to yellow teeth. The ageing process is another factor. Teeth can just become discoloured over time. If you smoke, this is another process which can lead to teeth yellowing. There are a number of reasons as to why your teeth may not be a desired pearly white. With teeth whitening however, you can improve this.

Assessing your smile

During your initial appointment, we will carefully asses the following factors that can contribute to the success of your treatment:

  • Decay
  • Gum health
  • Dental history
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Presence of disease
  • Current restorations
  • Thickness of the enamel
  •  Extent of damage to teeth

We will also asses the cause of the discolouration. Depending on the nature of the problem, teeth whitening may not be the best solution to your discolouration problems. This is why it is most important to visit a dentist before purchasing any over the counter whitening treatments.

Sometimes the stains are inside the teeth and cannot be reached by a whitening treatment. In cases like this, a porcelain veneer cosmetic treatment may be better advised for that particular tooth.

Deciding on the whitening treatment best for you

Here at Maven Dental Lutwyche we provide the option of both in-office and at home treatments.

  • Professional chairside whitening

This is designed as a speedy process that reveals fast acting results for the patient. The treatment can be done in as little as 30 minutes thanks to the chairside system.

Don’t sacrifice quality or safety with Pola chairside treatment. Supported by independent clinical studies and a national survey, chairside whitening averages an 8 shade improvement depending on the results you desire and your treatment time.

  • Pola Day+Night take home whitening kits

The take home kits are perfect for those who like to monitor their results personally and want to play a greater role in their whitening treatment.

With our custom made take home kits, you can whiten your teeth at home for only a short amount of time a day and the products are dentist approved. Don’t take chances with cheap knock-off versions that may be able to produce quality results.

Give your smile the royal treatment without the price tag

Your smile has the ability to not only brighten your day but brighten the day of those around you. Keep it up to date with teeth whitening treatments available to you at Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane.

Teeth Whitening Brisbane

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