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Book a dentist appointment with an experienced and affordable dentist near you. Check-ups will generally include:

  • Full examination of gums, bones & teeth
  • X-Rays (radiographs) if required
  • Scaling, clean & polish
  • No hidden costs
  • Experienced dentist
  • Quotes available on request
  • Advice on oral hygiene, and more
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“No ‘hidden costs’ when it comes to your treatment plan - We believe that where ever possible patients should know upfront how much their dental procedures will be and offer complimentary written quotes that are valid for 3 months to prove it.”

Dr Darryl McCarthy, Principal Dentist

Dentistry today goes far beyond simply repairing your teeth!

Here at Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane we understand that a patient’s overall health and lifestyle is greatly resembled in their smile. A healthy or damaged smile has the ability to impact your confidence and quality of life, so take control of the future of your oral health.

All-inclusive dentist appointments

We offer a variety of services including examinations, cleans, fillings and a host of other general dentistry treatments. Find out more about how we can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

General check-up dentist appointments

We recommend check-ups every six months to maintain optimum health. During your general check-up we will examine your mouth and teeth. The process allows us to gain an understanding of your oral progress. By examining your decay, tooth damage, jaw alignment and gum health we can have a better idea about your oral health and required treatment. Each individual patient’s needs may differ but generally an oral assessment will usually go as follows…

Full Oral Examination

This includes an analysis of your:

  • Gum & bone health
  • Existing restorations (if any)
  • Soft and hard tissues for oral cancer
  • Presence of decay or infection
  • Bite and bone density

A scale and clean

Tartar and plaque can become trapped in areas of the mouth and left on the surface of the teeth, which can cause decay and further damage to your enamel. Because of this, most patients prefer to receive a scale and clean during their visit. This is the process of removing build-up from the teeth that cannot be removed by simply brushing and flossing.

Our compassionate team of professionals provide general dentistry treatments to keep your smile on track:

An X-Ray (radiograph) – if required

There are a number of situations where the use of radiographs (x-rays) is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment. This is because often times the problem with the tooth cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Here are a few things radiographs are used for:

  • Locating the source of toothaches
  • Determining where decay is hiding
  • Assessing whether the underlying bone has been damages by gum disease
  • Locating wisdom teeth if they are developed and seeing if they have impacted
  • Determining the length and shape of the roots for root canal therapy
  • Monitoring the success of a root canal treatment

The human eye cannot see the areas where many dental problems first begin. Radiographs however can reveal what is happening beyond the surface of the tooth and under the gums.

I want an affordable dentist near me…

Some patients come in with a specific requirement; they have a tooth that is giving them some grief or is broken, and they are interested in finding out the cost for repairs. Others come in for a check-up and may not have been to the dentist for years.

Often times patients are surprised by the low cost – they’ve come in saying that they haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and they feel as if their mouth is in terrible shape. In reality they probably only need a good clean with a couple of fillings and they are good to go!

Dentist Brisbane

If you are looking for a general dentist in Brisbane that provides a valuable and cost effective service to Brisbane and the wider community, contact Lutwyche Dental North Brisbane today and book a dentist appointment.

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