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Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Here at Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental Brisbane, we take care to ensure our patients have access to quality and affordable dentistry in an emergency. Do not hesitate to call us immediately if you are in need of assistance for any of the following conditions:

  • Jaw injury from impact
  • Pain or swelling of the jaw
  • Bleeding or swollen tongue/gums/cheeks
  • Toothache or swollen gums due to abscesses
  • Broken or missing filling or crown
  • Knocked out tooth or teeth
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Pus in the mouth
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“At Lutwyche Dental we pride ourselves on time efficiency, patient comfort and flexibility. Our practice has access to free undercover parking available beneath Lutwyche City Shopping Centre and disability access so that you won’t need to worry.”

Dr Darryl McCarthy, Principal Dentist

Follow the steps below if you are in an emergency dental situation

My tooth got knocked out!

What to do with a knocked out tooth:

  1. Firstly, you need to find (or ask someone to find) the tooth and handle only the top of the tooth (the crown) – you don’t want to damage the cementum on the root of the tooth because that is the glue that will stop it from falling out again. If the tooth is broken, find as much of the tooth bits as possible.
  2. Place the tooth in a glass of milk.
  3. Seek emergency dental care immediately.

I have a toothache!

If your toothache is causing you severe pain or has been lingering for days, you should follow these steps:

  1. Rinse your mouth out with warm water
  2. Check between teeth for lodged food using floss
  3. Consider some over the counter pain medication
  4. Call a dentist and explain your symptoms

Pain medication is for consumption only – do not place pain medication against the tooth. This can damage the soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

My filling/crown has fallen out!

Find the restoration if possible. Book an appointment with your dentist immediately. If you’ve lost a filling, you can use some sugar-free gum to fill the cavity on the way to the dentist. If you have lost a crown, use a little bit of toothpaste to coat the inside of the crown and place the crown back over the tooth (if possible) on the way to the clinic.

I have broken my tooth!

Collect as much of the tooth particles as possible and book your appointment with the dentist.

My mouth is swollen!

Apply a cold pack to the area and consider an over the counter anti-inflammatory. Contact your dentist immediately if swelling persists.

Have you ever been concerned that you won’t be able to find a dentist in a hurry?

At Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane’s Northside, we are especially accommodating for patients who have dental emergencies because we understand that tooth pain, loss or fracture can’t always wait!

We create space for emergency appointments for pain relief and patient comfort

Our Lutwyche team take emergency dental appointments for patients from throughout the North Brisbane, Brisbane CBD and South Brisbane suburbs; including Clayfield, Gordon Park, Grange, Wavell Heights and more. We’ve treated patients from all the way down in Greenbank and from as far up as Bribie Island and beyond.

Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Contact us immediately if you require an emergency dental appointment by calling Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane Northside today.

Call us today on (07) 3857 2411 or Book an appointment

Do you have a dental emergency?

We provide same day appointments for dental emergencies, if you are in urgent pain and require the help of a dentist, get in touch as soon as possible.

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