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Achieve a beautiful, functional smile with dentures

Voted as one of the features that are most likely to last the test of time, your smile can become one of your greatest assets. Unfortunately with age, circumstances and trauma, tooth loss can occur. Not only does tooth loss affect your appearance and functionality, but it can also negatively alter your emotional mentality. Losing teeth sadly can give people the feeling of shame and insecurity about their smile.

Don’t let your smile go to waste

Here at Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental, we have a focus to provide mobility, aesthetics and function to every treatable smile. Our Brisbane practice is committed to helping you in gaining not only renewed confidence but a denture that is the best possible fit for your comfort.

Choosing the right option for you

All our dentures are custom designed to suit your smile. Whether you require acrylic or chrome dentures, we offer the following types to give you back your smile that you once loved:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are needed when one or more of the natural teeth remain in the mouth. A partial denture is made up of prosthetic teeth that are general attached to a plastic gum coloured base. In some cases this is connected by metal framework to secure the denture. This way the replacement won’t shift around and cause further difficulties with speaking and eating.

The alternative to partial dentures available at Maven Dental Lutwyche depending on the nature of the tooth loss could be a dental bridge.

 Complete Dentures

There are two different types of complete dentures:

  • Conventional dentures
  • Immediate dentures

Prior to fitting your dentures, any remaining teeth will need to be removed. This is where conventional and immediate dentures differ.

Immediate dentures

For immediate, the dentures are designed and fabricated prior to the removal of your remaining teeth. This way once your teeth are removed we are able to fit the denture immediately without allowing the mouth to heal.

Although this option is able to provide the wearer with full functionality and appearance straight away, as the mouth heals the bones and gums are especially vulnerable to shrinking. This generally means that the wearer will need to replace their denture sooner.

 Conventional dentures

These are fabricated during the healing stage. The healing process generally lasts from 8-12 weeks. Although the patient has to go without teeth for a longer period, their new replacements will be able to last longer as the rate of gum and jaw shrinkage slows.

Unfortunately, with removable dentures the gums and jawbone will continue to shrink slowly with time so updates will be necessary.

 Why you should replace your missing teeth

If you require only a partial denture, it is important to ensure you fill the spaces between teeth. This is because gaps in the smile can cause the teeth to shift in an attempt to fill the empty space but with a partial denture the smile is able to better maintain alignment and structure.

Going without general oral functionality and the appearance of a smile doesn’t only impede your ability to eat and speak but it can also take away your ability to smile. Smiling is a great way to improve your mentality and is the best way to share your emotions.

If you feel as if you haven’t smiled confidently for a while, take some time to consider how a denture could benefit your oral health and wellbeing.

Dentures Brisbane

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