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Cosmetic Dentistry Brisbane QLD

One of the first features a person will notice about you is your smile.

Being able to express yourself is a valuable asset in life. If you are unhappy with your smile, there are a variety of cosmetic treatments available to you that can improve it. Things like veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants are just some ways you can repair and improve your smile. Of course, it is best to book an appointment with your dentist to ensure that the treatment you’re seeking is the right one for your cosmetic dental needs.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself

In today’s day and age, getting cosmetic help to boost appearance is common practice. Here at Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental, in Brisbane, we offer cosmetic treatments that not only cut the cost of dangerous surgical alternatives but can provide outstanding results in as little as a single appointment.

Your cosmetic needs

The most popular cosmetic dental available at Maven Dental Lutwyche as a solution to your smile are:

At Maven Dental Lutwyche, formerly Lutwyche Dental, we will access your mouth in the first consultation to ensure that the recommended treatment process is the best one for you.

Treatments available

Porcelain veeners are just one of the treatments available to you if you are considering cosmetic dental work. Veneers are a viable option if your teeth are cracked, chipped or mishaped. They work as thin pieces of porcelain that are fitted onto your tooth to give a full and natural look to your teeth.

Crowns and bridges are beneficial if you have large chunks of tooth missing, or teeth loss all together. For more serious issues that cannot be fixed with veneers, crowns and bridges are prosthetics that can be cemented into your mouth to fill the gaps caused by extreme tooth damage and tooth loss.

If your needs only go as far as yellow teeth, then teeth whitening is a great option for you. We offer both at home and in chair teeth whitening treatments that can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades.

Of course, or dentists will carefully consider your mouth and oral situation before recommending any of the above treatments. This is to ensure that your desired treatment is the best one for you and your oral health.

How many times a day do you smile?

Your smile is one of the most used parts of your face. Therefore, having a bright smile can be a great bonus. Aside from improving your smile aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry can also provide added improvements to both your face and speech. There are a number of reasons as to why you could be considering cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as crowns, bridges and veneers can also improve aspects of you appearance such as your bite and facial structure, depending on your individual dental situation.

Don’t let your smile impede on your life. Enhance the appearance of your smile here at Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane.

Cosmetic Dentistry Brisbane

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