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4 tips for keeping your teeth healthy during Easter

4 tips for keeping your teeth healthy during Easter | Lutwyche Dental

Easter is a time for family, friends and delicious chocolate treats You can enjoy chocolate without going overboard, and you can enjoy chocolate without doing too much damage to your teeth. If you eat any sugary food in moderation and look after your teeth, the damage should be minimal or…

Why regular dental visits are important

Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important | Lutwyche Dental

Regular six-month dental visits are an incredibly important part of maintaining both your oral health and your general health. Most dentists will recommend that you have your teeth and mouth examined every six months to ensure that your health is in tip-top shape. There are a number of reasons why…

What constitutes a dental emergency?


Have you experienced a crack or chip or simply a severe toothache but aren’t sure whether it is a dental emergency, or when to call the dentist? While every patient is different and there is never a one-size-fits-all policy with dentistry there are still some key indicators that you have…

We are Proud to be a Bulk Billing Dentist in Brisbane with the Child Dental Benefit Scheme


In partnership with the Medicare CDBS, Lutwyche Dental offer bulk billing for eligible children aged 2-17. It is extremely important to provide children with a good understanding about oral health from an early age. This means creating healthy maintenance routines and a good relationship with the dentist. As with most…

Lutwyche Dental Practices Preventive Dentistry

preventive dentistry Brisbane

Preventive dentistry is an important aspect of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Early intervention can go a long way in maintaining your natural set of teeth for life. Preventing tooth decay is the most effective preventive method for avoiding further complications and the need for expensive and complex procedures. Maintaining…

What is the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Brisbane?


Wisdom teeth extraction doesn’t have to be an overly costly affair. Here at Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane, Dr Darryl McCarthy provides FREE 5 minute wisdom teeth consultations for patients who are a little unsure of how to approach their situation. Find out more about the free wisdom teeth removal consultation…

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discussing dental cost and fear with Dr McCarthy from Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane

The Lutwyche Dental team have organised some short videos to help you get to know Brisbane dentist Dr Darryl McCarthy and what their practice is all about. Have you been to Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane before? For a friendly team that understands your dental anxiety concerns and works towards providing…

7 Ways to make your teeth look whiter this spring

Are you enjoying the longer days and lovely scents of spring? Our team at Lutwyche Dental in North Brisbane certainly are!

Are you enjoying the longer days and lovely scents of spring? Our team at Lutwyche Dental in North Brisbane certainly are! As always with the sunshine follows the addition of sun kissed skin and colourful fashion, so what about your smile? A smile has the ability to not only brighten…

5 Ways to lessen your child’s fear of the dentist

5 Ways to lessen your child’s fear of the dentist

Does the idea of the dentist make you cringe? Well your reactions towards a dental visit could be negatively impacting your children. Even if it isn’t a fear you share, fear of the dentist (also known as dental phobia) can develop over time from word of mouth at school or…

Wisdom teeth: what’s the difference between impaction and eruption?


Here at Lutwyche Dental in Brisbane we want to serve up a handful of nice hard facts about your third molars. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the very back teeth on either side of the mouth. For those in their mid-teens to mid-twenties, you could probably just…

Do you have a dental emergency?

We provide same day appointments for dental emergencies, if you are in urgent pain and require the help of a dentist, get in touch as soon as possible.

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